26 May 2021:
Peter Daszak: "they call them rumours over there [at the WIV] - we call them conspiracy theories"

Well at least you made your position clear!
Just like in Annex D of the report where 'Conspiracy' comes up 4 times.

And just in case you did not get it, he repeats it few seconds later:

The he adds 'every now and then they make a statement that is simply not true':

Just like our statement that bats are bred at the WIV and your statement that this was simply not true:

The Science letter by Bloom, Baric et al is then dismissed as an irritating idiocy:

"This letter to Science last week from a number of scientists saying 'We need to investigate the origin', does not that drive you crazy since that is what you're doing?"

That makes them all laugh, being such a silly letter by conspiracy theorists.

Then Koopmans tumbles a bit explaining that

'What else would you do? [--] Apart from - you know - an audit: open the book, open the freezer, show everything which is an inspection - that is a very different mechanism'

and she adds "I have my doubts that would yield anything new".

Well done Marion, you made it clear that you are not suitable to conduct Phase 2.

The show would not be perfect without mixing up the lab hypothesis with politics and Trump.

But Peter happily volunteers:
"The evidence right now - well for the lab scenario - it's political"

And he goes back at it:
"If you mix politics with science, you get politics".

Nice from someone who just constantly politicised it with his references to Trump while pretending to do the opposite.

But it sounds actually like a great piece of advice for China - maybe they should hear it, be more transparent and stop pointing at foreign countries as the origin:

The party would not be over without a ritual thrashing of Wade's article, calling him irresponsible.

You can see how irritated and angry they are:

Apparently that has was debunked a year ago. Go and explain that to @DecrolyE, Baltimore and others.

"He did not bother. He thought he understood it. A year ago this was debunked the codon business. A year ago and he did not bother to look it up. And that's what they [?] all do- they don't bother to look up the science. They think they know."

Then when talking about supposed factual error, on of them actually makes just such a mistake saying that the State Department memo was 'taken down on the day of the inauguration' [deep sighs of political relief].

Here it is on the State Department website: 2017-2021.state.gov/fact-sheet-act…

It was simply moved like the other statements from the previous administration in an archive folder.

It's fascinating to watch from abroad when you have no skin in their political swamp.

And then they go and make patronizing jokes at the journalists:

"We went through this a year ago folks! This WSJ article that just came out - they are rehashing the same stuff we went over a year ago! It's like what? There's not enough news these days?"

It would be funny if these people were not determined to go on and proceed with Phase 2, with the same team, same terms of reference, and based on the recommendations of Phase 1 as per the China-WHO report.

Because that is what they are telling us idiots they are going to do.