A courageous article by @ParkSuAm1996 in the HK South China Morning Post.

Well done Eduardo and the SCMP, the questions of transparency and willingness to oppenly learn from mistakes are essential. archive.is/ECbSC

It is also very nice to see Tony Della Porta, one of the foremost experts on lab safety, stepping in.

His work on the 2003 Singapore and Taiwan SARS lab leaks set the standard.
Unfortunately he was not selected for the bad Beijing SARS leak in 2004. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/346413716_A_review_of_SARS_Lab_Escapes_in_2003-2004

We cannot keep going back to the same transparency failures.
This is really starting to feel like a Truman Show.

So we need to escape that silly staged world which is totally uncompatible with a country running many (and building many more) labs.

What has really changed since SARS1?

It's basically the same immediate obstruction of the truth.
Except that today the Chinese media are much more muzzled, and that China is much better at 'guiding' the narrative.

It's actually worse in many ways. https://pihabeach.micro.blog/2021/04/02/anybody-who-really.html

  • Whatever the exact origin, how do we move forward?
  • How do we face the contradictions and dead hopes that SARS-CoV-2 has exposed?
  • How do we avoid SARS-3 when labs are so badly regulated, with not even a global database of labs?

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