Thanks @janeqiuchina, but before blaming @MonaRahalkar for a supposed language issue, why don't you you look at your very own language problem?

Per your tweet:
'Zhong suspected the miners MIGHT have had virus infection', as per 病毒性可能性大.


可能性大 is 'high probability'.
大 ('big') is the key character.

病毒性可能性大 -> 'HIGH PROBABILITY of viral infection'
- 'High probability' is around 60-70%.
- MIGHT in English is around 30%.

I do hope that you understand the difference.

So please apologize to @MonaRahalkar.

Then please contact the MIT Technological Review to get them to correct your article in the same way.

He did not think 'that a virus MIGHT be involved'.
He believed with HIGH PROBABILITY that a virus was involved.

By the way I already highlighted the wording and the contradictions between ZNS diagnosis and the local diagnosis, in this piece a year and a half ago:…

I also brought attention to the very end of the MS Thesis, which for some reason you did not mention.

Zhong Nan Shan was 100% spot on:

- Yes, the high probability of viral infection was a key contradiction with a previous paper by Shi.

- Yes, Shi then quickly went and sampled the Mojiang mine - taking the clue.

- Yes, EcoHealth Alliance quickly did some bat feces studies.

Instead of discussing Shi's wardrobe, maybe you could have gone and ask Daszak what motivated EHA to quickly write a paper published in 2013 that showed a potential risk of infection from BatCoV in Thai bat guano, using frozen DARPA samples from 2006/7?

Then you could also have asked Daszak if he knew by any chance of the Mojiang mine accident when they wrote that paper.

(Accident never disclosed to international authorities against reporting obligations, despite being recorded by the Kunming CDC).

Also, please ask the MIT Technical Review to correct your pulled-from-thin-air February date for the main DB of the WIV being taken offline.

As you know well, the main DB went offline on the 12th Sep 2019.

And by the way your text about the public/private section of the DB is neither a confidence by Shi or a new piece of information.

DRASTIC has been saying so for ages and it was confirmed by Yuan Zhiming 6 months ago



Last, maybe you could ask Shi if the WIV needs some IT help to put the DB back online

I can send them a hard drive if they cannot find one, so that they can share it with the international community

We don't want these 'technical issues' to get in the way of science, do we?