@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that it is rather stupid to send sampling teams to the four winds, to often sample without appropriate PPE and then come back to a city of 11 mln people.

One day day they will encounter a highly transmissible virus which can be transmitted by non or pre-symptomatic carriers.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that it is absolutely irresponsible to fund research in foreign labs with zero guarantee of transparency, when even the data one helped collect does not belong to you and can simply be withdrawn, and with a long, detailed and systematic history of coverups in epidemics.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that it is extremely dangerous for national security to be working on DURC and transfer key technology to a nation which talks of absorbing one of your key allies and is working actively at undermining the international system that one is supporting.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that the abuses of the peer-review system and the compromission of Lancet, Nature and others which have printed mere data-poor and often logic-free opinions as facts (Daszak, Andersen, Worobey, etc) and ridiculous papers (pangolins, etc) tell us that the rot is well set in.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that the same people who kept talking about politisation of the debate were actually very actively taking part in it, sawing the divisive seeds of their political views to turn a valid scientific debate into an opportunity to hit their political bogeyman.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that the US government would have a lot to lose in admitting that the NIH only grudgingly implemented smoke-and-mirror regulations of GoFs and eventually stupidly let Daszak run lose, once he realised it was all a game.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that the USG also rather stupidly lost its eyes off the ball, and let Franz and others implement a complete failure of a Track II approach to pathogenic work in China, having for too long underestimated the threat from China and having wasted itself elsewhere for 10 key years.

@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Or that many in the crowd of SciCom journalists are just science writers turned useful idiots, too happy to amplify an official message but usually incapable of any proper investigative journalism or of understanding basic logic, risk analysis, or probabilities.

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@SebViret @BillyBostickson @stuartjdneil @federicolois Sowing, not sawing