Here is a good summary article on @franceinfo from @Louis_San with some quotes from various Paris Group and/or DRASTIC members:…

Note in particular how Mar Eloit, the co-discoverer of the Laos BANAL BatCoVs, considers that these BatCoVs are perfectly compatible with both theories - something that the market conspiracy theorists consistently ignore when mentioning his research:

He also reiterates the point that I and many others have made, about the risk of a sampler (likely either pre-symptomatic, or asymptomatic if young - as they often are) bringing back a SARS-CoV-2 infection to Wuhan - something that the zoonati high priests totally ignore.

And Marc and Rodolphe (my co-author on many Wuhan labs papers) go through the other scenarios:

- Lab Acquired Infection or
- Infection outside of a lab due to bad waste disposal or bad air filter for instance - this scenario being again regularly ignored.

In the end the article is clear about the obstructions that China is putting to any investigation of the origins:

But it could be clearer about the obstructions from the NIH, EHA and other vested interests in the US, cheered by a choir of useful idiots debasing themselves with ridiculous propaganda.

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