Here is a quote from the latest book by Singapore expert Mahbubani, just published by Springer (owner of Nature): 'The Asian 21st Century'.

Note the mention of the very controversial Nature piece by Andersen et al, published shortly after the Fauci call.
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That quote is from chapter 'Covid-19 ‘Enhanced China’s Position in the World Order’' in section 'The Peaceful Rise of China'.

full book (worth checking):…

The book is a production of the CCG think tank (Center for China and Globalization), based in Beijing.

The CGG was founded in 2008 by a committee of the Western Returned Scholars Association, an organization under the infamous United Front Work Department.

This is just par for the course for Mahbubani, a well known pro-CCP 'expert'.

👉👉👉 What is beyond belief is that Springer Nature is publishing such propaganda from the United Front Department.

Just follow the money.
Here is more on Springer - owner of Nature - and some of its Chinese financing:

Research Notes: 'Selling Science: Scientific journals and Chinese challenge'…

More on the CCG:……

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