Read these emails. It’s amazing.

So much for the paper-thin fake consensus published in Lancet and Nature at about the same time.

When we raised exactly the same questions we were called conspiracy theorists.
Time to come clean.

Le Duc:
“If there are weaknesses in your program, now is the time to admit them and get them corrected. I trust that you will take my suggestions in the spirit of one friend trying to help another during a very difficult time.”

That looks exactly like the questions that DRASTIC and the Paris Group have been asking for ages.

Except that we are rabid conspiracy theorists, right?

Check the emails here:…

Then you have that damning exchange between Russell and Le Duc:

Just what I, rabid trumpist conspiracy theorist, kept pointing to also:

You made your own bed. Don’t complain if you have to sleep in it.

Treating the American public like idiots has a price.

By the way I have recently quoted a weird paper by Le Duc and Franz, with a rather conflicted conclusion:

Le Duc has been rather quiet publicly, just about hinting at some possible lab issues: