As usual, great thread.
A proper fact-based rebuttal and none of the wishful thinking stacked on deception of @MichaelWorobey or @beyerstein.

And on the very likely start of the outbreak from mid-Oct to mid-Nov 19 (something accepted by most of the scientific community):

Also just published:

"Liang Wannian takes aim at suggestions of strong evidence linking the market with early community transmission"…

I have been reminding everyone that both Chinese scientists (since Feb 20) and Oxford-educated Gao Fu have largely dismissed the market theory (in May 20 and again in July 21 for Gao):

In doing so Liang Wannian actually confirmed a conclusion of DRASTIC - something that @MichaelWorobey got wrong:

The dental report of the 8th is not for Mr Chen but likely for his child.

Why would Mr Chen still have baby teeth?
Did Michael check it with specialists, as we did?

As for the cold-like symptoms, DRASTIC is still divided. The language used in the various interviews and medical report is not very clear.

Somewhere between the 8th and the 16th for sure.

Anyway Mr Chen did not travel out of Wuhan (except to go to a scenic spot north of the city).

Nor did he shop in any wet market (RT Mart was a modern foreign-owned supermarket chain).

So the outbreak had clearly reached the other side of the city by the 16th Dec at the latest.

Which again makes a mockery of the theory that the first cases started in the market in the second week of December and then spread from there.

No, the outbreak most likely eventually reached the market a few weeks after starting in the city.

In particular one should check the Wuhan Uni ABSL-3.

There is a possible ground zero around there.

Wuhan Uni ABSL-3 worked with primates and humanized mice with the WIV on EcoHealth funded projects.

Last ,those who keep saying that SARS-CoV-2 lab infections don't occur can go on a hike, as the Taiwan P3 (Dec 21) and the Beijing P3 (Jan or Feb 20) show.