This piece is essentially a 'people' article, with a rather defiant 'I've done nothing wrong' message.…

As any 'people' piece, it starts with the violins, the story of a 'brave' scientist born out of the post war ashes and northern England post-industrial glum, all pouring out in a falsetto voice.

That should hopefully warm up the readers and predispose them to shed a tear for the description of the martyrdom of Saint Daszak that soon follows.

So we get the image of the crucifiction thrown in too.

But unfortunately when you start looking at the weakness of Peter's arguments and his staunch defiance when confronted with incredibly stupid decisions and at best abysmal judgement, it certainly looks more like a Monty Python scene than Jesus on the Calvary.

Even Holmes had enough of our character and his slippery ways:

Anyway, thanks for for the effort John, but I would rather return to the original: