Get ready for the long awaited sequel, starring Marion Koopmans and many of the original actors, plus some emerging talents such as Summermatter.

Chinese production, US financing.

Due to some unexpected problem with the casting, Daszak was unfortunately not available for the new production.

We will miss his bumbling gruffness and natural sense of comedy, but watch for the new names - plenty of great talents there:

Anyway, it looks like the someone took a leaf from the "Second China-U.S. Workshop on the Challenges of Emerging Infections, Laboratory Safety and Global Health Security" (May 2017)

minus the transparency that is..
But, hey, what do you do 'when accidents happen all the time'..

(by the way Franz, former Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, is an EcoHealth Alliance adviser)

And it's not as if nobody mentioned the risks:

Plenty more in that very interesting summary of that China-US workshop in Wuhan in 2017. Worth dissecting.

Note: the document seems to have been deleted from the WIV website in April 2020.…