Anybody who has been following DRASTIC on this will know that we always highlighted the fact that the database had a private section.

For some reason @stuartjdneil discovers this close to a year later and gets a big twist in his knickers.

Our first work on the database was the analysis we published in Feb 21 (with more than 37,000 reads now).

It's there as the 3rd finding:…

We also explained carefully what that meant:

We even digressed into the legal issue of access to the confidential data, in the immediately following finding (Finding #4)

I have been on TV, podcast and in articles clearly stating that the DB had a private section.

For instance the Washington Post on 5th Feb 21:

Or the Sun on 19 Mar 21:

Or in my interview with Dana Lewis:

Whatever the audience, we made sure that the message was clear about the password protected section.

For some reason Stuart lives in a world of his own and does not check the sources.

Not surprising. I have seen a lot of desperate pearl-clutching from that quarter recently.