A very good article by Simon Wain-Hobson in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a newspaper of reference in Germany:


"Nothing goes right all the time. So it is in research labs. Despite sophisticated safety installations and strict rules in virology labs accidents and leaks happen. Indeed, they are underreported."

"The virologists doing this work said it would help them predict the next pandemic virus. Armed with this insight, they claimed it would be possible to develop preventive vaccines and drugs that could be frozen and stored."

"Sadly, it’s a pipedream."

"It’s a very attractive story that convinced some leading agencies that fund biomedical research."

"As if this wasn’t enough, our track record in pandemic prediction is zero."


"What we do not know - and badly need to know - is whether this proposal was submitted elsewhere, financed and performed. Knowing how researchers think and plan ahead, it is possible some of this disturbing work has already been performed."

German version: "Außer Kontrolle"
(nice play: 'running out of control' but also 'not subject to control')


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