This starts a bit slowly but actually it is rather good.
I just wish the testimony could be fully validated as genuine.

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The Zhongnan hospital of Wuhan University is right next to the university ABSL-3 and is close to the mysterious young early patient WH3 (21y old female,…)

See DRASTIC searchable map:…

WH3 is also linked to the PLA hospital of central military command - with genomic file created on December 10 [yes, 10], 2019 as explained by Dr Quay….

The Wuhan University ABSL-3 was previously a receiver, via EcoHealth Alliance, of NIH R01Al110964 grant money for the purpose of animal testing.…, see pages 130-1 and 189.

Interesting mention of the parking lot next to the hospital being used as a mortuary (at 6'35'').

The video is fully in line with what we I have been discussing about people just dying in their homes.
Not tested, not counted.

The estimate of actual numbers (based on the person's discussion with colleagues) is around x14 x18 of official numbers.

It is also in line with this other video, where the journalist impersonated a Wuhan official when calling a city crematorium employee and got her to talk, with an estimated 6% of reported Covid deaths:

The Li Wenliang death details are heart-breaking. Please watch that part at around 36'36''

Not too sure about the conspiracy theory about intended infection - but at least the person says that it is speculative.

The mention of the rather naive last conclusion of the US intel report is spot on (34'58'').

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