Some people have asked if DARPA funded any project under the PREEMPT request for proposals.

The answer is yes. 5 teams were funded.
We detailed that in our analysis:…

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You can even find DARPA unclassified budget for PREEMPT online as part of its FY21 report (a report that is a rabbit hole of its own - no time to go there):

The name is different - makes it a bit fuzzy - but that is PREEMPT most certainly.…

You can see that DARPA is spending on average around $2.5 mln per year per team. So allowing for some tapering off after 3 years, the individual budget per team must average $10 mln or so.

It is in line with the $9.37mln for UCDavis PREEMPT Project:…

Let's go back to the funded teams:…

The teams are led by
(1) Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc.
(2) Institut Pasteur
(3) Montana State University
(4) The Pirbright Institute
(5) The University of California, Davis.

Most of the teams are made of US, UK or Australian partners (part of the 5 eyes), plus one partner in Estonia (a strong ally of the US) and the Institut Pasteur network ex-China.

None of the teams include Chinese partners, which is best indeed with Dual Use Research of Concern.

You can get more on Montana State University PREEMPT work here:…

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