Let's check the reply from DARPA head of communications to Irene of Presa Diretta (


- In accordance with US. Fed. Acquisition Regulations we are not at liberty to divulge who may or may not have submitted a proposal in response to any of the agency's solicitations.
- Since EcoHealth Alliance was not **ULTIMATELY ** selected to work on the DARPA PREEMPT program..

The ULTIMATELY gives the game away. DARPA is actually telling that EcoHealth Alliance did bid.

- Information contained within bids is considered proprietary and can only be released by the bidder.
- Since EcoHealth Alliance was not ultimately selected to work on the DARPA PREEMPT program, we recommend that you reach out to them for comment.
=> Why the Since statement?

Basically it means that DARPA has nothing more to do with EHA application - it failed and that's it.

And in saying so, they again confirm that EHA is in position to comment on it.

Last I want to reiterate that DARPA did the right thing by tuning that madness down.

But the WIV did not need DARPA money, and would have tried to stay ahead of the game anyway - it has plenty of funding from China in this competition.

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