For anybody who has any trust left in EchoHealth Alliance and their supposed professionalism, may I remind you of that quote about Aleksei Chmura - EcoHealth Alliance Chief of Staff and the person who sent the DEFUSE proposal to DARPA?…

That quote above was about an EcoHealth Alliance sampling trip to Guilin, Guangxi province (not Guangdong as the NPR piece wrongly states), where Chmura and his Chinese colleagues went looking for SARS-like viruses in bat caves.

And obviously the 4 pages WIV section of the WHO report annexes, most likely redacted by Peter Daszak with its multiples 'Conspiracy Theories' headers, tells us that all work is done with PPE:

And the DEFUSE proposal itself insists that all sampling will be done in full PPE.

Chmura will take care of it for sure. Just trust us and send the money.