That is the key exemption. Let me explain…

Do people realise that the whole logic for saying that the WIV work funded via the NIH was not GoF, was that it was linked via ECo Health Alliance to a surveillance and sequencing program (exception C.1)?

That is the magic wand that allows any work: just get it funded via Eco Health Alliance which purported scope is surveillance and sequencing of PPPs.

For good measure make sure that the sub-grant refers to surveillance and sequencing and that’s all you need to make it non-GoF.

Then Fauci can claim that this was non-GoF.

Strictly speaking this would be true of any work funded via Eco Health Alliance.

What a convenient vehicle! Plus it makes sure that the work is done abroad. Win-win everywhere.

It’s also a textbook example of containment and derisking of a dual purpose technology via cooperation.

But DARPA would be a bit auckward for that. Eco Health Alliance is much more convenient.
Especially to be able to activate the surveillance and sequencing exemption.

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