Superb work by @TheSeeker268 from #DRASTIC, showing up that the WIV has been sitting on a throve on information tightly held in it DBS (now offline).

We are data-centred - not dogma-centred.

Sorry, the dogma letters or papers in Lancet / Nature are not for us.…

This makes #DRASTIC revelations of the WIB DBs taken offline, first reported by the Washington Post based on our research (since published), all the more essential.…


Here is that research - and #DRASTIC has produced plenty more.…

Argh, I must have sounded prophetic then:

But yes, you can either:
- sit your backside on some dogma and perorate in Lancet with no data in hand, or
- go and get the available (hidden) data, or crunch some code and do some experiments to create more data

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