They did it so quietly that I missed it.
Quite amazing.@Anne_MarieBrady

But note that NZ does not have the courage to mention the need to keep investigating the lab related accident hypothesis.
The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade simply does not go as far as Dr Tedros and never mentions that hypothesis!

It's all about the critical importance of the OneHealth approach

"[The report] has helpfully highlighted the critical importance of the One Health approach between human health and animal health regulatory agencies, shining a spotlight on an area that deserves greater attention"

The statement by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs (🙄) is actually well short of the reservations expressed by Dr Tedros.

It is maybe time for NZ to start asking ALL the valid questions, as Dr Tedros is ready to do.
Come on, just try!…

Maybe start with the list of questions and recommendations we just issued.

In particular check the tables in the Annexes for an understanding of the very flawed analysis of the China-WHO report concerning the lab-related pathway.


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