This is very important (H/T @Byron_Wan):

"However, China, Russia, Syria and Pakistan specifically ask to delete a reference that would include the WHO’s coronavirus origins study in this report".

Why does Pakistan pop up?

Pakistan is in full collaboration with China under the Belt & Road Initiative.
See for instance the Nature series of article, written by Ehsan Masood, 'Editor of Editorials' (!) at Nature, in particular #2 in the series:

This collaboration includes civilian research with the WIV.

With in particular Ali Zohaib having been trained by Shi Zhengli:

For some of the research with the WIV or Huazhong Agricultural University (Wuhan), see:

So far so good. All civilian research by the look of it, even if some of it may have dual purpose value.

The precedents are not very good, so one may be justified in keeping a close eye on these developments, especially given the geopolitical situation

On that subject the French services had some concerns:

Ali Zohaib has just been appointed Topic Editor for a specific topic in Frontier in Microbiology-Virology, a post he shares with 3 Chinese researchers of the WIV.

That was just 24 hours ago: