What could go wrong?

'The ministry has examined and approved the construction of three biosafety level-4 labs [on top of already 3], or P4 labs, and 88 biosafety level-3 labs, or P3 labs, in China'

Well, first and foremost, Chinese experts have been very concerned about the lack of qualified biosafety personnel, adequate budgets, and proper regulation for years.


Yes you read it correctly:

[…] several high-level BSLs have insufficient operational funds for routine yet vital processes. Due to the limited resources, some BSL-3 laboratories run on extremely minimal operational costs or in some cases none at all.

It's a typical case of scientists and experts forced to pick up the pieces of a decision coming from Beijing.

Never mind they are not ready and that the institutional factors are wrong.
What Beijing wants, Beijing must have.

The key institutional factors are:
1- Administrations Transparency
2- Gov. willingness to learn from mistakes
3- Free press that can contribute to transparency

In China all these 3 are now totally missing.
At least during the 2004 Beijing SARS leaks we still had #3. All gone.

So instead we are getting a Wuhan Show - a remake of the Truman show.

That's not the right conditions in which to build more labs,
...while Chinese experts keep decrying the fact that China is not ready to build and manage so many labs:

And by the way, for a proper count of BSL3 labs in China, you need to use #DRASTIC work. Because no one else will give you the right number.

We counted 112 labs over 62 complexes. Most likely there are about 120 BSL-3 today (plus 3 BSL-4).

And #DRASTIC can also show you multiple examples of bad practices and errors in Chinese labs:

Last, I must add that I am fed up with the lying habits of some of the people involved with these labs.

Shi Zhengli, Yuan Zhiming and the WHO joint study team told us that nobody tested positive at the WIV.

Fat chance: 1/10th of a billionth of it being true.

Yes: 0.0000000001 chance of it being true.
You can check it, it's fairly easy maths: pihabeach.micro.blog/2021/04/08/chinafocus-sorry-chinafocus.html

Will someone eventually call these white lies before it is too late?