This was written in 2004.

Swap Covid-19 for SARS, Wuhan for Guangdong and 2019 for 2003 and the whole story is very similar.

If anybody thought that things would change, then they clearly got it badly wrong.

China - or more correctly its government - did not change when it comes to transparency in such matters.

No. It would rather change US.…

The main problem is that we are using a 19th century governance framework to address 21st century threats.

This needs to be fixed before SARS3.

For the early warnings of 2004 - that the international community chose to ignore -- see the full report:…

Maybe this time, we can shake out the 19th governance framework and put in place one that addresses the 21st century issues.

And by that I don't mean a Beijing based one.

Otherwise it's the same broken disk repeating itself.
We all deserve better than that, Chinese citizens included.

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