60 minutes has just exposed on prime TV the total lack of evidence for the natural pathway and the flimsiness of the wishy-washy joint-study.


The most amazing is that more than one year has now elapsed, and all there is to show is nothing: no positive animal at the market, no animal reservoir found, no traces of previous infection in South China - nothing.

It's the immaculate infection.

But for those with the faith it's good enough to rule out the lab-leak theory - because our Chinese friends are very clear about it.

You would believe them, wouldn't you? They tend to tell the[ir] truth.

Just remember "75% of emerging diseases come from animals into people", so it cannot be a lab leak.

In the same way many non-smokers die of cancer, so clearly cigarettes have nothing to do with lung cancers.
It's very good logic from a top scientist.

All we need to do now is to give EHA a few more $100 millions of taxpayers money so that it may find one day the missing animal reservoir, infected village, contaminated fish-finger - whatever - which clearly MUST be somewhere there.

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