@Daoyu15 @Daoyu15, that is not even the beginning.
As Embarek said himself very well, with 174 Dec 19 known cases, you have typically at least 1,000 Dec 19 cases, which means necessarily Nov 19 cases and likely Oct 19 cases.


@Daoyu15 And then you have the Silent Numbers, the cabinet of curiosities of blatant manipulations and 'disappeared' Nov and Dec cases.

@Daoyu15 Check the thread above in detail.
One interesting one is the interview with the Health Times where Pr. Yu Chuanhua (in charge of the national database) called back to retract 2 Nov cases just after the gag order of the 25th Feb.

@Daoyu15 I am compiling a collection of these manipulations.

A good start is here (note that there are 6 tabs to that spreadsheet):

@Daoyu15 Then there are interesting tidbits, such as

@Daoyu15 Also this letter to a virology journal showing 10% seropositivity through a sample of 1,021 people getting a test before returning to work in central Wuhan.

@Daoyu15 This would be close to the Boston or Madrid numbers.

God only knows how Wuhan only ended up with 5,000 Covid-19 deaths in these conditions, especially since hospitals were totally overrun in Jan 20 and suspected infected people just had to stay at home.