Lies, and more lies from these trusted excellent Chinese scientists who are fully independent:

"To be specific, the onset date of the earliest case was set at December 8, 2019. "…

Is the WHO now sponsoring the important new science of sycophantery?

There were Nov 19 cases, and most likely some Oct 19. The rest is lies. A torrent of lies.

But it's so important for China to deny the obvious so that it can confuse people and pretend that the virus came from abroad.

How much longer is the WHO going to be willing to lend its name to this mockery of science?

All these lies are going to unravel:

The Mojiang mine, the DBs, the manipulated deaths numbers, missing early cases, absurd statement that nobody tested positive across the 570+ people at the WIV.

While China sends us chasing the mythical kirin.

Never mind all the silly contradictions that are now popping up left and right.

You see, it's difficult to lie. Sooner or later you end up making a mistake. That's so unfair, isn't it?