@Peterfoodsafety @MarionKoopmans

One would expect the final report of the WHO-convened joint-mission to plug some debilitating gaps in what has been reported so far.

Taking just one example:

" [--] they managed to test 67 of these 92; the others were either unavailable, could not be traced, or had died. All 67 turned out negative."

This require clarifications as to:

1. What those who died actually died from.
Was it properly detailed? Were checks made?

2. Why some could not be traced.

Seems very odd, as in China every single citizen is tracked every day via their mobile (essential for purchases and to scan QR code to be able to move around).

3. Why some were 'unavailable'.

China has no problem asking people 'for a tea and chat' at the local Public Security Bureau. So I am rather surprised.

Then can your report clarify this graph from the Chinese CDC bases on onset dates?

Why do we see a change of scale with an abrupt jump on the 1st Jan 2020?

That is statistically totally impossible - and can only point to many unreported Dec 19 cases.