This is starting to look patently ridiculous.
What kind of mandate does P. Daszak have to talk in the name of the team?

How can he make give interviews which effectively set a clear direction to the WHO team findings before they even have done their job?

Note the particular construct of the CNN video:
18s: Daszak says that the WHO mission will remain open to all hypotheses
42s: usual association of the lab leak to Trump
51s: going back to Daszak saying that the lab is very safe and well built (which ignores the human factor, the

many Wuhan P2/P3 labs where the work was actually done, and comes 1 year later)
120s: back to Trump/Pompeo claims then back to Daszak rejecting them and praising the transparency of the WIV
136s: Daszak characterise the lab leak hypothesis as a conspiracy theory

190s: then on to the market theory
203s: mention of possible foreign import
192s: Daszak does not rule out the foreign import

Anyway the WHO is amazing.
The WHO spokeswoman is now peddling the Chinese narrative without any reserve.

On that subject, I don't particularly follow the usual bashing of the Epoch Times, but these audio leaks (which look genuine) are interesting.

Some extracts: