Pay attention to the wording:

Embarek said WHO team ruled out lab theory largely after questioning Wuhan Institute of Virology staff **about what they thought about the possibility**.

Let's repeat: 'about what THEY THOUGHT about the possibility'.

Let's imagine the dialogue:

'Hello. I am here to investigate the possibility of a lab leak in your laboratory.
You should be well placed to answer. What do you think of the possibility?"

And Embarek doubled up and said in texto:

"They’re the best ones to **dismiss** the claims and provide answers to all the questions”

Let's repeat: "to DISMISS the claims".

So let's imagine the dialogue again:

"Sorry, but I am supposed to ask that question.. How would you dismiss the claims that your laboratory may have leaked?"

Now there is nothing particularly special here.

Let's not forget that the #2 of the China's CDC is Dong Xiaoping, who was actually 'sanctioned' for his responsibility in the Beijing 2004 SARS leaks.

Best of all he was #2 on the Chinese side of the Feb 20 WHO joint mission.

But that's not the end yet, let's go back a little:

"They’re the best ones to dismiss the claims and **provide answers to all the questions**”

So let's imagine the dialogue again:

"Sorry but I have a list of question to answer as part of this investigation.
You seem to know this lab very well. Do you mind answering them for me?"