A detailed analysis of the BAT cages patents show that the WIV must have been breeding bats **since at least Jun 16**.

It took the WIV 4 years to go from capture of parents to reproductive maturity of bat pups.

Here is a DRASTIC summary at bit.ly/3pxL8IR

Breeding means successful births in cages and from which a new generation of bats is obtained that is itself ready to reproduce.

But we also know that Shi Zhengli had been keeping bats for experiments since at least 2009.

Some rather odd wording:
"During this spring festival the students are back home on holiday, [so] teacher Shi **silently** assumed the task of raising bats. ** For this reason, a lot of people do not know about this until now. **"

Thanks to the OSINT specialist who shared this.

But some well respected people obviously know better - they must live in a parallel world though:

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